November 6, 2009

Bra Duro Vecchio

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Tom and Kevs' cheeses

Maybe it’s a function of my my 35 week pregnant belly,
maybe it’s because we’ve been working on this site for the past many moons,
but I’ve been fondly nostalgic for Cheeses of Cheesewhizzes past.

I just remembered Tom’s entry in the Piedmont Cheesewhizzes from oh, two years ago now.
Bra Duro Vecchio.

It’s made from this specialized breed of cows, just to make this kind of cheese, just in this place.
Razza Bovina Piedmontese.
If you eat the cows, the meat is known for their low fat content.
If you make cheese from their milk, you end up with this yumminess.

Bra Duro, the one up there in the picture, is mild flavored and dang tasty with any wines from that part of Italy.
(Gamay, Barbera (my favorite) or Nebbiolo.)

Happy Cheesy Friday!


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