November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Cheese

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Get. Out. Of. My. Kitchen.
No, seriously, you, there, who keeps opening my oven and
you, there who keeps stirring the cranberry sauce.

You, get out.
Here, I have something for you, I have some Thanksgiving cheese.

I have a big platter of it.
Crackers, grapes and cheese.
Now take this out to the living room.

You mean you haven’t started planning your Thanksgiving cheese yet?
(I joke.  I haven’t either.)

A well-curated cheese plate is a great way to keep turkey pickers and kitchen grazers from munching their way through your kitchen.
Here are three of our can’t lose favorites for your Thanksgiving munchers.

These are all made in the USA.
These are all grandparent approved.
These all pair well with the relaxed pickery of the day.

Chaumes cheese

Chaumes Cheese Chaumes is a staple of in-home cheese plates all over the Napa Valley. It’s mild, yes, but also flavorful, a favorite with kids and amazing in macaroni and cheese.

Franklin Teleme

Franklin Teleme Cheese Franklin Teleme is the cheese we go mad for. Seriously, it has Cheesewhizzes everywhere bumping elbows with each other on their way to the platter. It’s runny, it’s fancy, it’s local and quite frankly, it tastes damn good.

Rogue River Crater Lake Cheese

Crater Lake Blue Cheese We had this cheese at the Cheesewhizzes tasting at the Broad Summit in October and let’s just say, the ladies were blown away. There’s a reason this cheese won best American cheese. It’s neither too stinky nor too pungent, a fabulous cheese to please even non-blue cheese lovers.

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