January 17, 2011

The Terroir Exchange, Taste at Oxbow

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It’s been a while, but we are planning more 2011 cheese events. While we’re penciling in the schedule, Lassa from Oxbow Cheese Merchant is hosting a steal of a cheese tasting deal. Details are below.

WHAT (#1): The Terroir Exchange

WHAT (#2): An informal, walk-around gathering of top French and Northern CA cheesemakers with their handiwork, washed down with Napa wines.Taste an incredible assortment of cheeses and talk to the cheese producers directly. Also, meet the people behind culture magazine, Oxbow Cheese Merchant, the French Cheese Club, Mahoney Vineyards & Waterstone Winery, and Tony’s Fine Foods.

WHEN: Wednesday, January 19, 2011 from 5–8:00 pm

WHERE: Taste at Oxbow, 708 First Street, Napa, CA 94559; 707.265.9600; www.tasteatoxbow.com

WHO: From California—Bellwether Farms (Valley Ford, Sonoma County), Cowgirl Creamery (Petaluma), Cypress Grove Chèvre (Arcata), Marin French (Nicasio), Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese (Point Reyes), Redwood Hill Farms (Sebastopol), Laura Chenel’s Chèvre (Sonoma)

From France—L’Etoile du Sud (Lot-et-Garonne), Berthaut (Burgundy), Graindorge (Normandy), Lincet (Burgundy), Rivoire (Jura), Rouzaire (Seine et Marne)

COST: $50, which includes cheese and wine. Advanced purchase is required. For tickets, go to culturecheesemag.com/subscribe. Terroir Exchange tickets are the first thing on the list. A donation to the CA Artisan Cheese Guild will be made from the proceeds of this event.

Call Thalassa and let her know you’re a Cheesewhizzes member to reserve your spot.

Yay for Cheese events!


February 11, 2010

Baby steps

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Hey Dottie, Dottie ohThanks for your patience, Cheesewhizzes, as I learn to integrate my love of cheese with a new baby.

Wanted to give big thanks to Rubicon Estate for hosting the most recent Cheesewhizzes event, “Tales of the Traveling Cheesewhizzes.”  More info on how we put it all together in the next newsletter.

Did you attend?  Share your pictures by posting to Flickr and adding the tag “Cheesewhizzes” or by posting to the event wall on Facebook.


November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Cheese

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Get. Out. Of. My. Kitchen.
No, seriously, you, there, who keeps opening my oven and
you, there who keeps stirring the cranberry sauce.

You, get out.
Here, I have something for you, I have some Thanksgiving cheese.

I have a big platter of it.
Crackers, grapes and cheese.
Now take this out to the living room.

You mean you haven’t started planning your Thanksgiving cheese yet?
(I joke.  I haven’t either.)

A well-curated cheese plate is a great way to keep turkey pickers and kitchen grazers from munching their way through your kitchen.
Here are three of our can’t lose favorites for your Thanksgiving munchers.

These are all made in the USA.
These are all grandparent approved.
These all pair well with the relaxed pickery of the day.

Chaumes cheese

Chaumes Cheese Chaumes is a staple of in-home cheese plates all over the Napa Valley. It’s mild, yes, but also flavorful, a favorite with kids and amazing in macaroni and cheese.

Franklin Teleme

Franklin Teleme Cheese Franklin Teleme is the cheese we go mad for. Seriously, it has Cheesewhizzes everywhere bumping elbows with each other on their way to the platter. It’s runny, it’s fancy, it’s local and quite frankly, it tastes damn good.

Rogue River Crater Lake Cheese

Crater Lake Blue Cheese We had this cheese at the Cheesewhizzes tasting at the Broad Summit in October and let’s just say, the ladies were blown away. There’s a reason this cheese won best American cheese. It’s neither too stinky nor too pungent, a fabulous cheese to please even non-blue cheese lovers.

November 16, 2009

Cheesewhizzes in Food & Wine

© James Baigrie

It’s kind of a big deal around these parts.
Who am I kidding?
It’s a big deal around any parts.

This here Cheesewhizzes club is featured in this month’s Food & Wine magazine.
Yep, the big Kahuna of the year, the December Food & Wine issue.
(The only one I usually buy, but heck, I’m subscribing now.)

A whole story, about this club.
It features our tips and hints,
publishing our Macaroni and Many Cheeses recipe, sharing the love.

We are so excited to have a bigger platform to share our potluck party ideas.
We are thrilled to help bring the focus to all of the amazing cheeses available in this country.

We couldn’t be happier to share our love of milk’s leap toward immortality.

We’re still putting the finishing touches on our hosting pack — that should be available within the next 2 weeks — but our tasting journal is available right now and if I may say, is glorious in its full-color sharing.

Thanks so much for being a part of our Cheesewhizzes journey!


November 2, 2009

Impromptu Cheesewhizzes

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Brillat SavarinWe’re hosting a down and dirty Cheesewhizzes tasting next Saturday, November 14th at Natalie’s house.
(Where we threw down for the most recent “Beer and the Cheese that Loves it” Cheesewhizzes event.)

This theme?
Play favorites.

Just bring your favorite cheese and favorite pairing beverage and go to town.
Well, don’t go to town, we’d love to have you stay at the party.
(Can’t wait to see you there.)


October 15, 2009

Construction, events

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Hey Cheesewhizzes,

Not like you haven’t noticed, but our site is under construction.
Thanks for your patience while we get it up to snuff for the big reveal.

If you’re local, we’d like to direct you to an event at the St. Helena Library.
They’re doing an event on pairing cheese with beer, an area in which we can claim a little experience.

From the Library:
Beer & Cheese Pairing
Wednesday, Oct 21st at 7pm

That’s right, we said beer, not wine! Join brewing expert and author of the book Grape vs. Grain, Charlie Bamforth, as he discusses the art and science of making and drinking good beer. With help from Santa Rosa cheesemaker Seana Doughty, Bamforth will pair five beers, including three local brews, with five fabulous cheeses. Come learn how enjoying a good glass of beer can be as enjoyable as drinking wine. Books will be available for purchase and signing.

RSVP here.


September 10, 2009

Masters of Gouda, October 3, 7:00pm

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The next Cheesewhizzes event is Masters of Gouda at the glorious St. Clement winery in St. Helena.

Bring your favorite Gouda, red wine and $5 to enjoy the last Cheesewhizzes event of 2009.

Details again?
Masters of Gouda
St. Clement Winery
October 3, 2009


August 19, 2009

Beer and the cheese that loves it.

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Cheesewhizzes Beer.
This Saturday, August 22.
7:30 pm.

Join us at 6:30pm sharp for an exclusive beer tasting led by our own James Hearn and Paul Asikainen.

This Cheesewhizzes will be at Natalie and Paul’s house, 930 Mariposa in St. Helena, California.

We can’t wait to see you there.


June 16, 2009

Cheesewhizzes Italia!

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Paul and SpencerNext Saturday, June 27th, we’re hosting another Napa Valley Cheesewhizzes.

Theme:  Italian cheeses and wines
Location: Join our mailing list to find out!
Time: 7:00 – 9:30pm

This is an easy one!
Try to stump us with your rare and unusual Italian cheese and wine to pair.


May 28, 2009

Cheesewhizzes "Save the Dates"

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Get out your calendars, we’ve scheduled the rest of the Cheesewhizzes events for 2009.

Saturday, June 26th
Saturday, August 22nd
Saturday, October 3

More details to come via the email newsletter.
(You are signed up, aren’t you?)

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