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Are you a Cheese Enthusiast?
Do you like to get friends together to taste cheese?
If so, you’re our kind of people.

There are two ways you can become a Cheesewhizzes member.

We host cheese tasting events every two months in or around St. Helena, California. Each event has a theme. You bring a cheese and beverage pairing to go with that theme. Most events are hosted at local wineries. Be ye warned, sometimes we ask attendees to bring $5.00 to help cover costs.

By signing up for our cheesy newsletter over there on the right, we’ll let you know about each event before it happens.
(Promise, we won’t do anything with your information but send you updates about Cheesewhizzes events roughly every two months.)

Some examples of past themes include
Beer and the cheese that loves it
Masters of Gouda

Start your own cheese tasting club by filling out the form below. We’ll send you a link to our Official Cheesewhizzes Hosting Guide and sign you up for our hosting emails, also sent every two months.

What are you waiting for? Pass the cheese, please!